Make the Ordinary Exceptional with Epic Epoxy in Spokane

In an industry dominated by prefabricated, mass-produced products, Epic Epoxy in Spokane offers a level of artistry and uniqueness you can’t find anywhere else. We take the ordinary, the practical, and the functional, and turn it into the extraordinary, the artistic, and the unparalleled.

Why settle for the same beige granite countertops as your neighbors when you can have a custom work of art inlaid on your kitchen surfaces? Why paint an accent wall in an attempt to bring some life to a room, when Epic Epoxy can create an epoxy mural that makes the artistry a part of your home? Why purchase a mass-produced piece of furniture when you can have a custom epoxy resin table?

Making Beauty a Part of Your Home

From countertops and epoxy flooring to accent walls and furniture, Epic Epoxy in Spokane is passionate about making the beautiful a part of your everyday life. Art is not something that should be kept in a box or behind a velvet rope. It is something that you should be able to live alongside, and use to bring beauty to each day.

We Complete Every Project with Passion

We are a small business, and we are passionate about two things above all else—creating beautiful artwork, and providing our customers with a wonderful experience. Whatever vision you may have for your home, we can help bring it to life in vivid color, with professional artistry. We only use the highest-quality epoxy resin, so our works of art will last for decades. Our resin art will make a one-of-a-kind addition to your home or office, and you will cherish it for years to come.

Check out our gallery of completed epoxy projects to view some of the beautiful finished products we’ve created for our clients. Or, contact Epic Epoxy in Spokane to tell us more about your vision for your epoxy resin project.

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